Moving up the ladder of success in real estate valuation business is not as easy as it perhaps was a few years ago. Though technology has improved and the way we conduct our business has become easier and convenient, competition has also increased quite significantly. Hence, there is a need to find out alternate ways and means by which valuers can find their feet in the changed environment and circumstances. Let us try and find out how technology, particularly internet technology can be a big enabler in such circumstances.

The first thing that any valuation company should be doing, however small it is, is to go in for a website of its own. This is a total necessity and there cannot be any two thoughts about this. However, having a website on its own cannot be of much help unless there is continuous flow of traffic into it. This can be done in a number of ways and having a good SEO campaign is without doubt a great way to increase footfalls on to your website. Once a prospect visits the website and finds value in the services that you have on offer, there is likelihood that there will be business coming in gradually.

Apart from well planed search engine optimization campaigns there is also the need to take part in web awards and competitions. These competitions are becoming very popular these days and even well established companies and brands make it a point to take part in these competitions. Though winning awards should be the final objective, just by participating alone there is a big possibility of the website becoming quite popular. The website will reach many prospects and they will have a chance to look at the products and services that it offers. There are awards and competitions for different segments and hence there could be something that is specifically related to Sydney real estate valuations.

By being a regular participant of such awards there is a high probability that your website will become well known amongst those who matter in the real estate industry. Banks and financial institutions will start taking notice of your website and your record as a valuation company. So will be the case with real estate agents, promoters and attorneys. Hence, you will start becoming the cynosure of all those who matter the most in the valuation and real estate industry.

Property valuation is a process of finding the value of property by considering some aspects that are related to the property like number of rooms, measures property, etc.

Property valuer will work on all the basic aspects regarding your villa like measure the size of property, physical details on the construction of the house and also the condition of the house. In the last a property conveyancer will merge this information and will start doing comparison with recently sold houses in the current market to get an accurate estimation report of your house.

The basic approach of a property valuer is:
  • Find the value of the villa.
  • Determine the current cost of your villa.
  • Find if any improvements are being performed on your villa like renovating to improve the cost of your villa.
  • Finally make a valuation report.
There are many cost effective tools available online to calculate the value of a villa. Free online tool for calculating property’s value are available on plenty of websites.

You just have to fill some basic information like:
  • Number of bedrooms.
  • Parking Space.
  • Garage.
  • Garden
  • Modular kitchen.
To avoid risking in real estate agents you should hire a licensed property valuer if you want to buy or sell your property. This will give you a better result and will save from any frauds and cheating. They will always help you to bring a profit in the end of contract.